About Us


2021 witnessed the decreeing of eHealth under ministerial cabinet decision #2118 to establish a private sector investment company aiming to manage and operate the digital and technology services for the Universal Health Insurance System (Law #2 – 2018) and to enable the private sector technology providers access to the UHIS and to the citizens sustainably

About eHealth

eHealth (تكنولوجيا تشغيل وادارة خدمات التأمين الصحي) is an Egyptian technology and digital connector for the health, medical and insurance sectors by establishing a capability hub and a gateway to public and private services in an inclusive, collaborative and sustainable partnerships with the national and international professional capabilities.


Spearhead by a forward thinking, experienced, and talented Egyptian team, we are a closely knit group of multicultural professionals. A team of patriotic, passionate, and progressive individuals driven by a common goal and empowered by shared values and principles.

Our key role is to enable Universal Health insurance program’s digital platform as an operator to reach its objective. In line with the country’s 2030 Sustainable Development Vision, its objective is to achieve universal health insurance coverage for all Egyptians by 2030 in a digital ecosystem.

eHealth is supported by its sister company, eFinance Investment Group (EFIG). EFIG is an integral partner in the Egyptian government’s push for digitization and has propelled the nationwide strategy forward by developing integrated platforms that are leading Egypt’s digital revolution.


Our Mission

To enable and streamline the health ecosystem transformation in every medical, health and financial related client with pinpoint reliable solutions, talents and advisory in a one stop shop success management.

Our Vision

To become the ecosystem orchestrator for the public and private sector and preferred partner to innovation pioneers towards sustainable healthy communities.